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STEM & Technology

STEM Academy

STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, educational initiatives were developed to meet the need for skilled workers in these critical areas, supporting a broad range of technical industries. Our STEM Academy offers rigorous coursework and tailored electives that build strong foundations, making students well-prepared for further educational opportunities and employment in fields such as engineering, technology, network systems, and transportation operations.

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) notes that employment in Information Technology is projected to grow by 18% through 2022. Within that sector, ACTE predicts particularly strong growth in the areas of cloud computing, cybersecurity, healthcare technology, mobile networking and data management.

The STEM Academy offers the following courses:

  • Engineering technology (This is a pathway or sequence)
    • 9th Introduction to Engineering (Project lead the way-PLTW)
    • 10th Principles of Engineering (PLTW)
    • 11th Engineering Elective (PLTW)
    • 12th Engineering design and development (PLTW)
  • Network Systems
    • 9th Introduction to Engineering (PLTW)
    • 10th Database Design and Management
    • 11th Computer Network Software
    • 12th Advanced Computer Network Software Operations
  • Transportation Operations
    • 9th Introduction to Engineering (PLTW)
    • 10th Automotive Technology 1 (DE)
    • 11th Automotive Technology 2 (DE)
    • 12th Automotive Technology 3 (DE)
  • Technology Education  
    • Construction Technology
    • Architectural Drafting and Drawing
    • Robotics Technology
  • Automotive technology I,II and III
  • Building Trades HVAC I
  • Advanced computer information systems
  • Networking fundamentals

Businesses that want to impact the community on a large scale have the chance to join fellow business leaders in enhancing CTE by offering real-world job experience, as well as volunteering for events such as career days or mock interviews. There are a number of ways businesses can shape the future of their industry simply by sharing what they know. Students and businesses are encouraged to contact us about creating customized learning opportunities in STEM related fields.